Linda Thom


Founded by Majlinda Thom, Green Paradiso Products is a line of green, eco-friendly products – many of which are recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment.

Preka, CEO of Green Paradiso Products , developed her business with the philosophy of freeing the world of toxic chemicals. Growing up in Europe, in a natural environment, Preka developed an understanding of and strong interest in plant-derived materials. She always wanted to make a connection between her personal world and her business. That connection is the foundation on which Green Paradiso Productswas born.

A 2005 Business Woman of the Year Wall Street Journal award winner, Preka was recognized for founding Nobile Cleaning, Inc., a platform through which she was able to showcase her business acumen and skills in network marketing. A true motivator with a beautiful American story, she always says: “Only in America can you reach any dream!” With 10 years experience running a very successful cleaning enterprise, associations with numerous industry leaders and innovators, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion that goes far beyond the norm, Preka is participating in the international green revolution by leading Green Paradiso Products , LLC and her customers to a brighter, greener future.

Everybody wants to save the Earth ; no one likes to help Mom’s to clean.”
— Majlinda Preka Thom

What We've Achieved

2005 Businesswoman of the year. (The Wall Street Journal )
EPA Green approved registration .
Raised $5,000 for MDA .
1999 Found it Nobile Cleaning Services.
2005 Found it Nobile Production.
2013 Open Celebrity Carpet Care
2015 Found it Nobile Travel Tours